Home News 2023: The same criminals will try to run Nigeria, says Pastor Enenche

2023: The same criminals will try to run Nigeria, says Pastor Enenche


Dr. Paul Enenche, the senior pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Center, DIGC, has criticized Nigerian leaders again for the lack of social services in the country.

During a live service on Sunday, the fiery man of God talked about what he had seen and done on his recent trips to different parts of the world.

He says that the level of infrastructure in many of the countries he has recently visited can’t be compared to what is available in the country. He also says that whenever he travels, he feels the wickedness of Nigerian leaders.

He said, “Thank God, we’ve been traveling for a while now. We’ve been to America, the UK, Asia, Singapore, and the Philippines. I’ve never been able to get used to how I feel about how bad our leaders are. Every time I go somewhere new, I feel it again.

“I was almost in tears when we went to Singapore. Is it possible for this to work and for our leaders to go to these places and see these things? They take vacations there with their families, go there for medical care, and see these things. They even invest there and spend millions of dollars there, but it never occurs to them to live there. I feel it.

“If you drive in Houston, come see how the roads, bridges, and flyovers all work. “What is this?” I asked. You go places like meetings, conferences, and UN meetings, but you don’t see much. I see a lot of our people there, and it breaks my heart. They look like people who ran away from disaster, and there are a lot of them.

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The man of God also said it was sad that the same people who had held the country hostage for years were still running for the same job in the upcoming elections.

“The same criminals, the same demon agents, are still showing up. My phone worked there, and I had some text messages that wouldn’t show up until I got home. On my way home, in the plane at Frankfurt Airport, I heard someone say, “Please pray for my brother. Today is his wedding, and he’s been taken.”

“That’s what I saw when I got there yesterday. I don’t know the person, but he was supposed to get married Saturday, and now he’s in the kidnapper’s den on his wedding day. The wedding was planned, cards were sent, and everything was taken care of. What a country! “The demons that invited the thieves, terrorists, and killers are still making themselves available,” he said.


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