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Western countries supporting Japan and giving young Nigerians visas is wicked, according to Amosun


Former Ogun State Governor Gov. Aosun has discussed his thoughts on Nigerians emigrating to other countries in search of better opportunities.

I’ve heard about it, and the tales are terrifying, HE remarked. All of our young people leave Nigeria in search of brighter pastures, and the nations they are interested in intentionally grant them visas to do so without taking their home country into account.

The increase in emigration is what worries me the most about everything. If all of our citizens leave the country, foreigners won’t be able to fix our country for us. I view the nations issuing visas to our youngsters as immoral since they do not take into account the country of origin of their potential labor force. If you ask our citizens who have left the country in search of better opportunities, they will tell you that they do not have any plans to return. If you take a hard look at the issue, you will see that the majority of those departing the country are all of our lawyers, accountants, and most significantly, medical professionals.

However, we cannot hold them responsible because one of the main issues driving our citizens outside of the nation is insecurity. You will concur with me in saying that our people are not idle and are constantly willing and prepared to work hard. The majority of migrants are compelled to leave the country due to poor leadership, an unstable economy, insecurity, and other issues. Despite my confidence that Nigeria would once again be great, I have been discouraged by recent tales of migration.

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