Home News Umahi regrets the escalating societal vices in Nigeria in 2023

Umahi regrets the escalating societal vices in Nigeria in 2023


Before the upcoming general election, Ebonyi State Governor David Umahi expressed regret about the nation’s increasing social vices.

However, Umahi attributed the various social vices present in the nation—particularly among young people—on parents who failed to provide their offspring with the necessary upbringing and instruction.

This information was released by the governor via a statement on Saturday that was signed and provided to reporters in the state capital of Abakaliki by the Special Assistant on Media and Strategy, Mr. Chooks Oko.

He voiced sadness over the country’s rising number of social vices, which he attributed to a deterioration in family values and ties, and he urged Nigerian families to realize their duty to shape the character of their children.

We are living in a hazardous time, he said, and contentment is what will save every family right now.

In Ebonyi communities, in particular, there have been problems with youth civil unrest that have led to community disputes and other forms of violence as well as the loss of lives and property.

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