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The Labour Party tells the PDP and APC, “You’re both going to be out of office soon. Nigerians will pepper them.”


Before the presidential election in 2023, the Labour Party said that its candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, would replace President Muhammadu Buhari and that Nigerians would not vote for either of the two major political parties.

Dr. Doyin Okupe, the Director General of Obi’s Campaign Organization, said that the party plans to get rid of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the upcoming elections. He said this while announcing the party’s Presidential Campaign Council list on Wednesday.


Earlier, it was said that the Labour Party released the list of its Presidential Campaign Council on Wednesday, 14 days after the official start of the campaign.

The APC had 422 people on its list of Presidential Campaign Council members, and the PDP had 520 people on its list. The Labour Party, however, had 1,234 people on its list.

Okupe was glad that Nigerians, in his view, have decided that the LP candidate for president is the best one.

He said that no other presidential candidate was as smart and capable as Peter Obi. He also said that the two biggest political parties in the country were about to end.

He said,

“I was really shocked when the Muslim-Muslim ticket was chosen. We’re not trying to bring religion into politics; instead, we’re trying to get religion out of politics.

“Young Nigerians make up half of the new voters who just signed up.”

On the idea that the people who support the former governor of Anambra only exist on social media, Okupe said, “They don’t understand because they are old schools.” He said, “The party already has 15 million votes; we’re going to show them.”

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“PDP and APC will soon be over. Nigerians will hit them with stones. There are more new voters than old voters, and 80% of the new voters support Barack Obama.

Okupe said, “It is no longer business as usual” when asked if some political parties might try to rig the 2023 presidential election.

Isaac Balami, the National Campaign Manager for Peter Obi, told DSMEDIA24 in an exclusive interview right after the press conference that the party is working on plans to make sure that Obi supporters can use their basic human rights in 2023.

He said,

“The two, three, four, and five million people who marched across the country didn’t cost us anything because we didn’t pay anyone.

“Now we’re going down to the local level. We’re teaching people in local governments and polling places how to make sure the votes are counted and kept safe until they’re uploaded.”

“The young people are with us, we’re working with the women, we have reasonable elders, and we’re going to make sure that all of their votes count.”


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