Home News Sanwo-Olu is praised by NLC for the anticipated increase in worker pay

Sanwo-Olu is praised by NLC for the anticipated increase in worker pay


The Lagos State Government’s proposed compensation increases for state public service employees have received praise from the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

On Tuesday in Lagos, Mrs. Funmi Sessi, the state chapter head of the NLC, revealed this in an interview with reporters.

The announcement was timely, according to Sessi.

“If we must consider the motivation for the increase, it is a well-planned and well-researched increase.

“However, it was mentioned in the agreement we made at the implementation of the 2016 new minimum wage that we will reassess the wage after three years.

“However, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, we were powerless to act, but following COVID-19, we could see how quickly everything was escalating.

“The public sector employees are very grateful, and we appreciate the governor’s kind offer of gifts.

The workers are certain that the governor will take action that will earn them a standing ovation, even though we do not yet know by what percentage the compensation will be increased.

Because of the high cost of living, she continued, “employers in the private sector, including those in education, industry, health, and other sectors, should be able to add palliatives to what the workers are earning.”

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