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Home News Reps seek to look into the persistent power grid failure

Reps seek to look into the persistent power grid failure


The House of Representatives has decided to look into incidents of the national electrical system repeatedly failing.

Sani Bala, a member from Kano State, moved a motion of urgent public interest that was followed by the decision to launch the investigation.

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In the motion, Bala said that since the electrical sector was privatized in 2013, the national grid has collapsed more than 100 times.

He bemoaned the grid’s approximately eight collapses just this year, attributing the frequent collapse to a lack of support or spinning reserves.

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It is “incomprehensible” that all of the crucial power plants in the nation, including Egbin, Utorogu, Chevron Oredo, Oben gas-fired power plants, Ughelli, and Chevron Escravos power plants, might shut down simultaneously, according to Bala.

As a result, the House decided that the power committee should look into the incident and make recommendations for how to avoid it happening again.

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