Home News Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Provide Aid To Nigerian Flood Victims

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Provide Aid To Nigerian Flood Victims


The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle Foundation has donated an undisclosed sum to groups helping Nigerian flood victims.

A Spotify representative reportedly acknowledged in a press release that the Archewell Foundation had given money to both UNICEF and Save the Children.

The unspecified sum of money, according to the representative, would “help provide relief after terrible floods causing havoc in Nigeria.”

Most of the West African nation of Nigeria was impacted by the floods of 2022, which caused 1.3 million people to be displaced as well as more than 600 fatalities and 2,400 injuries.

Although seasonal flooding is common in Nigeria, the current floods are the worst since a severe flood in 2012 that caused more than 2.1 million people to lose their homes.

In the most recent episode of Archetypes, titled “Upending the Black Angry Woman Myth” and starring comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, Meghan earlier this week discussed her ancestry findings.

“I only just had my family history researched. She informed her Nigerian-American guest, “I am 43 percent Nigerian.

Despite not knowing what tribe her ancestors belonged to, the California-based royal said she planned to “start to research further into all of this.”

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