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Peter Obi is irate over an alleged attack and detention of a fan in Lagos


Peter Obi, a leading 2023 presidential candidate, has denounced an alleged attack on Labour Party supporters in Lagos State.

Obi Flag Boy, a social media user, is accused of being attacked on Sunday in Oshodi, Lagos.

Additionally, it was claimed that a few party supporters had been detained before to the event on Saturday.

Obi responded on Twitter by denouncing the assault and intimidation of the party members.

He emphasized that freedom of peaceful assembly and unrestricted electioneering are protected by the constitution and encouraged security agencies to remind their agents to uphold civil liberties.

“When a certain group uses intimidation to keep the opposition quiet during both the campaign and the election, elections cannot be termed free and fair.

“The Constitution guarantees both free and unrestricted electioneering campaigns. Security personnel are not permitted to knowingly violate either or any other ordered liberty.

“Recent stories of OBIdients being silently detained by some security personnel are deeply upsetting and unacceptable. No eligible Nigerian, regardless of ancestry, religion, or political party, must be denied the right to vote in the next elections. This is especially true if intimidation and violence are used.

In a tweet, he urged federal and state agencies to remind their employees of the importance of upholding civil freedoms.

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