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Pastor Enenche tells Nigerians that if they want real change, they must all cast ballots


Before the elections in 2023, Pastor Paul Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Center, DIGC, has urged Nigerians to make sure they have their Permanent Voters Card, or PVC.

Nigeria is at a pivotal point where there is a chance for a radical shift, according to the man of God who spoke in a video that has been making the rounds on social media.

However, the clergy warned that if eligible voters don’t obtain their PVCs and participate in the election, their protests and petitions to God for change could not have the desired impact.

He stated:

“We are praying, believing, and trusting God for change. We are speaking up and shouting it from the rooftops. We are walking and marching. We are doing all the things for change. But when action is not taken when action is required, all of it is for naught.

“On that note, I urge the people of our beloved country to go get your PVC, do everything that is necessary to guarantee that you are registered, eligible, and obtain your PVC so that, when action is required, the proper action can be taken and the proper outcome can be anticipated.”

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