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Okorie’s alleged torture is causing a lot of anger in Ebonyi


On Monday, people in Onicha-Igboeze and Ugwulangwu in the Onicha and Ohaozara Local Government Areas of Ebonyi State were angry about the alleged kidnapping and torture of Mr. Linus Okorie, a former member of the House of Representatives.

Okorie, the Labour Party’s candidate for senator in Ebonyi, was said to have been kidnapped and tortured by security agents from the Ebubeagu group in the state. He was then given to the Ebonyi State Police Command, which is located across from the old government house in Abakaliki.

DSMEDIA24 found out that Ebubeagu security agents first arrested Okorie and held him in their office at old government house before giving him to the police.

It was said that the incident happened around 11 a.m. on the well-known Ogoja Road, not long after Okorie left a hotel in Abakaliki to get ready for a meeting with residents of the Onicha community in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State.

A trusted family member of the victim, who said her name was Miss Nnanna Nwogo, said that the family has been worried since they heard the news.

Some women and young people in the area have blocked the roads in and out of Onicha Community as a form of protest.

On the signs that the protesters carried, it said, “No movement until we see Hon. Linus.”

In a video taken at one of the barricades, they chanted, “Onicha will be too hot for everyone.”

Aliyu Garba, who is in charge of the police in Ebonyi State, quickly confirmed that Okorie had been arrested.

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In a statement signed by the PPRO, Chris Anyanwu, and given to reporters in Abakaliki, Garba said, “It is also important to note that Linus Abaa Okorie has a pending case in which he is accused of a drug-related crime. Suspects claiming to be his agents were arrested for selling and using hard drugs at his City Hub Inn, Mile 50, Abakaliki. Case was later given to the NDLEA to take the next steps that needed to be taken.”


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