Home News Netflix viewing statistics will soon be made public (Read Details)

Netflix viewing statistics will soon be made public (Read Details)


Netflix, a leader in online video streaming, has partnered with the TV rating organization Barb, allowing for the first time in the company’s history for the measurement of its viewers and viewing statistics.

The streaming behemoth previously only shared glimpses of its viewership statistics to demonstrate the success of its most well-liked programs, but with the addition of Barb, Netflix will now join the first industry-owned ratings service in the world.

According to Barb, it will start disclosing Netflix consumption data in November.

As a result of the change, advertisers, rivals, and journalists will utilize watching data to determine whether Netflix movies and TV episodes are successful or not.

The Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (Barb), which aggregates TV ratings and audience measurement in the UK, claims it will report Netflix’s numbers in the same manner it tracks viewing for more than 300 other broadcast channels with subscribers.

Barb now covers a variety of networks, from larger ones like the BBC and ITV to smaller ones like Dave and E4.

The announcement coincides with reports that Netflix is getting ready to roll out an ad-supported tier for its streaming service.

“Back in 2019, at the RTS conference in Cambridge, I liked the concept of Netflix viewers being assessed independently,” said Reed Hastings, co-chief executive of Barbs.

Since then, we’ve stayed in touch with Barb, and we’re happy to commit to using its reliable indicator of UK television viewing habits.

“Our audience measurement regularly evolves to fit the different platforms and devices that are being used by people to watch their favorite television series,” stated Justin Sampson, chief executive of Barb.

“Last year, when we began informing streaming services about our audiences, we made significant progress.

“Netflix’s support for Barb sends a strong message that what we’re doing is valuable to both new and existing participants in the industry,” says the company.


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