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Lagos Assembly problems 10 things to know about the victim, witness, and assistance bill


A measure to protect and aid victims of crimes and accidents was recently enacted by the Lagos State House of Assembly under the leadership of Speaker Mudashiru Obasa.

The law also includes witnesses who have truthful information that can aid in a case’s successful prosecution.

The measure, according to the Assembly, aims to guarantee social harmony in Lagos in keeping with the development of the state.

The 71-section law is the first in Nigeria to be approved by a State House of Assembly.

The law provided for the creation of a body to aid in carrying out its requirements and objectives.

The following provisions are included in the measure that is awaiting Governor Babajide Sanwo-approval: Olu’s

-Offers help to victims and witnesses, including treatment, compensation, restitution, and rehabilitative initiatives.

-approves research into the best ways to care for, help, recompense, and safeguard victims and witnesses.

– Establishes a setting where witnesses can testify in front of law enforcement officials without being concerned about consequences;

– Pays victims or witnesses who have suffered physical or mental suffering, loss, or property damage recompense;

– Security, temporary housing, permanent relocation, temporary or permanent employment, or a change of identity may be offered to a victim or witness;

– During the trial and proceedings, a victim or witness must be shielded from needless interaction with the alleged perpetrator and the defense’s witnesses;

– A victim or witness may request protection if they believe they will suffer harm as a result of helping with an inquiry;

– Accident or crime victims must be helped by bystanders or security personnel and sent to the closest hospital for treatment;

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A hospital or other facility that neglects to treat a victim could be fined N1 million. If the sufferer passes away, the hospital or doctor could be charged;

– Where family members are unknown or the person is impoverished, a private hospital that treats an accident victim must notify the agency within 48 hours for recovery of expenses.


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