Home News IPC requests immediate action in response to the journalist, Ozuruigbo’s, inhumane treatment

IPC requests immediate action in response to the journalist, Ozuruigbo’s, inhumane treatment


A group of police officers and journalist Casmir Ozuruigbo are reportedly at odds, with Ozuruigbo alleging that between Sunday, October 2, 2022, at midnight and the early hours of Monday, October 3, 2022, in the Oshodi region of the state, the police subjected him to shocking and unbelievable inhuman treatment. The International Press Centre (IPC), Lagos, has made a passionate appeal to Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to step

IPC also requests that the Governor use his power as the state’s chief security officer to advise and direct Abiodun Alabi, the commissioner of police, to immediately convene an investigative panel to look into the events that led to the journalist being molested by his employees so that those responsible could face swift justice.

The IPC’s Press Freedom Officer, Melody Lawal, issued a statement in which the center expressed its deep concern that a citizen might be assaulted with such a level of impunity and sustain injuries that could be life-threatening.

In his statement to the IPC, Ozuruigbo said that on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at midnight, he was arrested by police at the Akinpelu Police Station in Bolade, Oshodi, for the purported offense of “movement in the night.”

Additionally, he claimed that because he insisted on speaking with his attorney before filing a statement, neither the police officers who detained him nor the DPO of the Akinpelu Police Station permitted him to identify himself or explain why he thought they were offended.

The media watchdog stated in the statement that Ozuruigbo sent his first distress message on Monday, October 2, 2022, around 6 o’clock.

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The statement reads, “I was treated badly by police last night. He posted a second message about his wound at 9.53 p.m., writing: “I’m just leaving the surgical emergency department at LASUTH where I went to perform some tests.” My two tympanic membranes are completely torn as a result of the punches and kicks I received to my ear. I’m currently bleeding from my ear.

IPC believes that those accused of doing the heinous conduct would be made to bear the repercussions of their undesirable actions. “IPC absolutely condemns the abhorrent behavior by the security officers.”


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