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“I’m sorry we didn’t talk things out.” – The Girlfriend of Rico Swavey Speaks


Rico Swavey’s girlfriend, Caroline Morgan, has talked about how they met and how they were together as she deals with his death.

The reality TV star died Thursday morning, just a few days after he was in a terrible accident in Lagos.

In a long Instagram post, Caroline talked about the fun times she had with Rico and emphasized that the two of them had decided to keep their relationship low-key.

She said that the reality TV star’s sudden death would be hard to believe because he was always full of life and his love for God was real.

Caroline also said she was sorry because she was upset about something and didn’t talk to her boyfriend before the terrible accident.

She was also angry with the nurses for leaving Rico Swavey alone at the hospital before he died.

“Wake up, baby!” she wrote. I can’t make sense of things. We still haven’t solved our problems.

We chose to keep our relationship low-key, but this is how you wanted me to show you off! I had just broken up with someone when I met you, but you just left me. Why, baby!!!

“I would swear you wouldn’t die!! You complained about how long you talked because you were so strong and active, but if you talked for hours, I wouldn’t mind. Patrick, I’m very sorry that I haven’t seen you when I was supposed to because I was upset. I’m sorry, honey, I’m sorry you left! I’m sorry we didn’t talk about what was bothering us when we wanted to, and I’m sorry I fell asleep without hearing your voice!!! I just want to know why this happened!!!!

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“He said he loved God, but I didn’t believe him. When he will talk to me to remind me to pray before I go on with my day. So why did God let this happen? Who am I to ask him why, even though he was young and healthy? I knew you were a fighter.

“May God punish everyone who laughed at him when he was brought in and didn’t help him. Oh, Patrick, look at how you were left alone and couldn’t help yourself! God!!!!!!”


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