Home News How can Nigeria make historical progress? – Chairman of FIRS, Nami

How can Nigeria make historical progress? – Chairman of FIRS, Nami


A beautiful Nigeria is feasible, according to Muhammad Nami, Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, thanks to the development of industrial and entrepreneurial hubs around the nation.

Nami announced this in a message of goodwill to Nigerians on the 62nd anniversary of the country’s Independence Day. Nami asked Nigerians to invest in developing industry and entrepreneurial hubs because they hold the “key to unlock the huge economic potentials of the country.”

He believed that using this paradigm would result in comprehensive economic change.

He urged other states to follow the example of Ondo State’s Entrepreneurship Village, which was established to develop and gather talent for the industrialisation of the state.

Nami recommended other state governments to emulate this strategy and establish comparable hubs in their regions in order to direct the energy of young Nigerians into useful endeavors.

Nigeria is a nation with enormous potential. These young Nigerians require the right conditions to succeed since we are a resilient and talented nation.

“The establishment of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Hubs throughout all States in the nation is a fantastic place to start. This would start a domino effect that would reverse the nation’s fortunes and unlock the potential of our enormously talented and youthful population.

He added that the methodology may be utilized to address state-level problems with unemployment and insecurity.

“The strategy will divert youth from the streets and place them in useful pursuits.

“The number of jobs that would be produced would astonish you. Numerous people’s lives would be drastically altered, and an incredible amount of economic activity would be ignited in every nook and cranny of our nation. This is one step Nigeria can take to take the lead in the world.

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I firmly believe that we can all contribute to creating the Nigeria of our dreams. However, we can only do this if we are patriotic and fulfill the civil duties that are expected of us, such as upholding the law, paying our taxes, and being loyal to our nation.


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