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Gov. Sanwo-Olu declares a pay raise for Lagos State employees


Over 100,000 public employees in Lagos State will see a raise in pay, according to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

Sanwo-Olu promised that the raise would be higher than the Federal Government’s minimum salary level, but he did not confirm it.

Additionally, he committed to paying all back-owed pensions to employees by the end of October.

On Tuesday, Sanwo-Olu revealed these while addressing a sizable group of employees who had gathered at the Head of Service, HOS, office in Alausa, Ikeja, during his working visit.

“We are determined to mitigate the consequences on our workers and citizens, even if we are aware of the rising cost of living and inflation in the nation,” he said.

“Last month (September), I gave the Commissioner for Establishment, Training, and Pensions, Head of Sector, instructions to develop plans for a pay raise for the entire over 100,000-person public service workforce.

“We are able to accomplish this. In Nigeria, Lagos sets the pace while the rest lag. We are once again in the lead in compensation increases.

“We’re planning to pay salaries in line with the well-known ‘Buga’ phrase. We won’t hold off till the federal government raises the minimum wage.

“The process has started. I can guarantee that it will be prepared for use by the beginning of the next year.

We don’t want to wait for labor unions to demand ransom before taking the necessary action.

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