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Flood: Devastating for our people last week, according to Governor Soludo


Anambra State’s governor, Charles Soludo, has urged civic-minded people and businesses to work together to support the state’s displaced residents.

The previous week has been disastrous for the state’s residents, according to Governor Soludo.

In a statement on his official Facebook page, he announced the decision.

Recall that communities from the five local government areas in Anambra State have been relocated as a result of the recent flooding that affected some States in the nation, including Delta and Kogi.

The governor declared that, to the extent that its resources will allow, his administration is committed to easing people’s pain.

“The floods have risen again to devastate the livelihoods of our people,” the statement stated. Additionally, there are five local governments and towns in kin States like Delta and Kogi. For our people, the last week has been awful.

“We have been evacuating hundreds of internally displaced persons from damaged areas, thus emergency holding camps have been established up in the nearby highlands. Numerous additional displaced persons pour in every day in search of shelter, food, and medical attention. With the tools at its disposal, the government is devoted to easing the suffering of its citizens.

“I want to ask civic-minded people and organizations to join us in giving our displaced brothers the aid they need. I went to the IDP camps to personally see and analyze the conditions. We won’t leave our people to their fate, he declared.

This is just another reason why we must treat environmental concerns seriously and try to halt any human actions that worsen the situation.

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