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Elections Are Not A Do-Or-Die Situation, Says Gov. Mohammed


Political parties, candidates, and supporters have been urged not to see elections for elective seats as a life-or-death situation by Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed.

Mohammed made this statement in his well-wishes message for Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Day celebration on Saturday.

Additionally, he urged parties and supporters to play by the rules of the game.

He urged them to keep in mind that “only God can grant power to anybody He chooses at a given time.”

Therefore, he added, “it is not the sum of money, hate speech, fake news, or political thuggery that would help candidates emerge victorious during the elections.

He also urged everyone to renew their commitment to the nation, exhibit their patriotism, and pray more fervently for God to continue bestowing His mercy and blessings upon them so that they may continue to live in peace with one another.

“As we commemorate the 62nd anniversary of our country’s independence, we should think back on the difficulties and sacrifices made by its founders and work to make sure that their efforts were not in vain.

It is encouraging to see that, sixty-two years after gaining our independence, we have disproved those who doubted our capacity for self-government.

“Today, we have demonstrated to the world that we are not only capable of governing ourselves, but also of understanding our differences, respecting one another’s ideals, and working together to build our nation,” the governor added.

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