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Atiku is advised by Fani-Kayode to drop out of the presidential race after an Obi rally


Plans for emergency management have been established by the federal government to lessen the flood’s countrywide effects.

Dr. Nasir Sani-Gwarzo, permanent secretary of the ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management, and social development, said this on Tuesday in Abuja.

He told reporters that the government has approved the National Emergency Flood Preparedness and Response Plans to lessen the impact of the flood across the country after holding an urgent meeting with key stakeholders regarding the issue.

Sani-Gwarzo also disclosed that the committee had been told by flood experts that the flooding in 2022 will be comparable to the floods in 2012.

“It is known that over 1.4 million people were displaced, 790,254 people left their homes, 500 people were reported dead, and 1,546 people were hurt.

Similar to this, 76,168 hectares of farmland were partially destroyed, while 70,566 hectares of farmland were fully destroyed, and 44,099 residences were partially damaged and 45,249 buildings were wholly damaged.

The Federal Executive Council recently gave final approval to the National Emergency Flood Preparedness and Response Plans for Nigeria, which include all the necessary information.

We now have a clear understanding of what to do and how to go about it, mitigate and lessen the impact of floods in the country since it encompasses the immediate, medium term, and long term plans.

“We are undertaking all required measures to provide help to the flood victims. All the concerned organizations have reaffirmed their dedication to stepping up their efforts to assist the victims and provide them with relief, he said.

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Sani-Gwarzo revealed that three short strategies for the future were presented during the stakeholders’ meeting.

“They cover the urgent actions that the appropriate agencies would take, the short-term measures, and the long-term measures that the appropriate agencies would take.”


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