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After paying N15,000 as part of the bride’s dowry, a man kills a rival over her


In Adamawa State, a man named Benedict Haziel killed a man named Lukas because of a girl named Blessing.

Haziel is being held by the police, and he has said that he stabbed Lukas in the buttocks, which caused him to bleed to death.

According to Dsmedia24, Benedict became engaged to Blessing after paying N15,000 as part of the dowry to make them man and wife.

Part of the story says that Blessing kept seeing Lukas, which seemed to show that she wasn’t ready to get married.

The suspect told reporters that he had told Lukas several times to stay away from Blessing, but that Lukas did not listen.

Benedict told reporters over the weekend that he went to his home last month when he heard that Blessing had gone there on the day that Lukas was supposed to die.

“On that terrible night, I followed her to Lukas’s house so I could take her to her parents,” Benedict said.

He also said that Lukas started a fight with him when he got to the house, and that he stabbed him by accident with a knife he had on him.

He said, “I did not mean to kill him.”

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