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According to Pastor Enenche, the anticipated terrorist strike in Abuja would not take place


The terror alert in Abuja has prompted a response from Paul Enenche, senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Center.

Pastor Enenche warned Abuja citizens not to be afraid since terrorism thrives in an atmosphere of fear.

Since the United States and the United Kingdom issued a warning about a potential terrorist strike in the country’s capital, there has been palpable tension in Abuja and the surrounding area.

According to the advisory, among other targets for the terrorists were government buildings, houses of worship, and educational institutions.

Many public and private institutions have stopped operating out of concern about an attack by the daredevil terrorist who has throughout the years held the nation hostage.

Enenche responded by urging Nigerians not to be alarmed since such a prediction would be futile.

The priest claimed that Nigeria was supposed to be the Coronavirus’s global headquarters from prediction, but it fell through. He was speaking to his congregation on Sunday at the church’s administrative center in Abuja.

He claimed that when the virus arrived in Nigeria, some people had already suggested that churches be converted into isolation facilities, but nothing of the sort ever transpired.

Enenche claimed that God, who prevented such a prediction from coming true, would stop all upcoming terrorist attacks in Abuja.

Enenche declared: “We don’t know where the forecast came from, but we know what we can do to make sure it doesn’t come true.

“The same God who saved us from the Coronavirus and the bad 2015 predictions is saving us again.”

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