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Reno Omokri’s “Tinubu Swallows Lagos Tax, Let Him Reveal His Source Of Wealth”


Reno Omokri, a former activist and advisor to the president, has urged Bola Tinubu, the APC candidate for president, to disclose the source of his riches.The former presidential assistant accused Tinubu of being a tax cheat in a post on his verified Facebook page. He added that the government led by Buhari was responsible for the country’s economy collapsing.

Reno compared Tinubu to Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate, and claimed that while the former vice president continued to pay his business taxes to the Nigerian government, Tinubu “swallows Lagos’ tax via AlphaBeta.”

“Now, I have this question for you,” he continued. What type of business do you know Tinubu to be in? Be brave enough to identify the company or companies if you consider yourself a BATist. However, Tinubu is a wealthy bullion van.

“Atiku pays his company’s taxes, which goes toward Nigeria’s tax revenue. However, Tinuhu uses AlphaBeta to eat the Lagos tax. That makes the two very easily different from one another.

When choosing between a tax payer and a tax evader, who should you support? The sources of Atiku’s riches are plain to observe. He is businesslike. However, Tinubu’s money without initiative is the kind of behavior that devastates countries. ‘Wealth without effort’ was one of the deadly sins, according to Mahatma Gandhi. Is this not the reason why Nigeria’s economy collapsed under the APC?

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