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Okada Riders are stealing our wives, and we are unable to care for them once more, protesting pensioners cry out


Members of the Association of Concerned Benue Pensioners have begged Rt. Hon. Titus Uba, candidate for governor of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to intervene on their behalf because they are losing their spouses to motorcycle riders (Okada) since they are unable to care for them.

On September 21, 2022, a group of demonstrators marched to Makurdi’s assembly complex while carrying numerous placards with diverse messages.

The retirees were initially refused entry on the grounds that the Speaker was not there, but after standing their position, they were given permission to speak with assembly management.

They handed them a letter including their complaints and stated, “Please take note of this information and take the required measures.

The fact that the government of Benue State owes its retirees arrears of 37 and 74 months in state and local government pension payments, respectively, is no longer breaking news.

Our unpaid gratuity backlog is still off limits and completely ignored,”

“Pensioners are dying every day as a result of the non-payment of pension and gratuity because the majority of them are on special diets and medications but cannot afford even a maintenance ration or medications.

“This has caused retirees great pain, including the inability to pay for appropriate housing, food, hospital expenses, as well as the inability to pay for children’s school tuition, leading to their being expelled by the school authorities, thwarting their future.”

The concerned Benue State Pensioners are now scavengers, homeless refugees, and beggars in the country we devotedly and meritoriously served. If we do not beg, we shall go without food.

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We have lost our spouses to Okada Boys as a result of the difficulty brought on by the non-payment of pension and gratuity since we are no longer able to support them financially. They said, “Life has become wretched, pointless, and intolerable.

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