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Nigeria Faces New Ebola Threat, Experts Warn


The House of Representatives advised the Federal Government to take appropriate precautions after stating that there is a possibility that the Ebola virus could return to Nigeria.

With so many Ebola cases being recorded in other African countries, Dachung Bagos, a member of the House, submitted the resolution out of concern that the disease would spread to Nigeria.

The House unanimously approved the motion at Thursday’s plenary session. “Motion of Urgent Public Importance on the Need for Federal Government to Activate Response against the Possible Detection of Ebola in Nigeria” was the title of the motion.

Bagos added that after receiving laboratory confirmation of an Ebola patient from a community in the Madudu sub-county, Mubende District, Central Uganda, the Ugandan health authorities declared an outbreak of the disease on September 20, 2022, which is brought on by the Sudan virus.

The congressman further mentioned that the World Health Organization voiced worries that the possibility of a major public health impact is considerable in the absence of licensed vaccines and treatments for the prevention and treatment of Sudan virus disease.

He claims that studies are still being conducted to ascertain the extent of the disease and its potential for propagation. At this point, he said, “Importation of cases to neighboring nations cannot be ruled out.”

Bagos continued, “According to the information currently available, the overall risk has been assessed as high at the national level taking into account the confirmed Sudan virus and the lack of a licensed vaccine, the possibility that the event started three weeks before the identification of the index case, and several transmission chains that have not been tracked.

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The House is concerned that the Ebola virus is causing concern among a large number of people worldwide because it was the variation that caused a significant number of infections and fatalities in several nations.

The deadly Ebola virus can enter Nigeria through our borders or travelers traveling to Nigeria for any purpose, and if left unchecked, it might spread to become dominant. “The House is concerned that Nigeria has reason to be warier at the present.”

The Federal Ministry of Health was ordered to “immediately activate strategies to be implemented in monitoring adherence to Ebola guidelines and ensure residents continue to comply with all advisories aimed at curtailing the likely development of the virus in Nigeria” by the House after it adopted the motion.

Additionally, the lawmakers tasked the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control with ensuring close monitoring and reviewing the safety precautions for travelers arriving from nations with red warning lights.

In order to protect Nigerians from the worst effects of the pandemic, they also instructed the NCDC to draw up a national response to stop the expected emergence and spread of the Ebola virus.


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