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Kumuyi issues a warning to ushers to stop making women cover their hair


General Overseer of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, has asked ushers to stop ordering ladies to cover their heads in the sanctuary.

This was spoken by Kumuyi in a sermon that was shared on the church’s Facebook page for the Ekiti branch.

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Someone is visiting our church for the first time, he said. She also happens to be a woman who does not cover her head.

Before entering, we ask the visitor to cover her head. We are unsure if the individual even believes in God.

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Before she ever steps foot inside the church, we confront her there.

We are unsure if she is unable to prophesy or pray. But she is subject to our regulations.

“I’d be curious to know what kind of church this is if I were the individual. That will be the last time I visit the church if they treat me like a young girl in elementary school.

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According to the clergyman, continual covering will generate “heat in the hair and it will emit odor.”

He continued to express regret that some married women have given up on keeping themselves acceptable to their spouses.

“There are some ladies who are not beautiful to their husbands,” Kumuyi added.

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Some women feel they are no longer need to present themselves well in front of their husbands because they are married.

There are single sisters who don’t look good.

“Perhaps no one will tell you if I don’t tell you. Some women no longer appeal to the man because they dress shabbily.

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“There are a few unattractive single sisters. People who are seeking God’s will might not find them attractive.

Kumuyi stated that women’s heads should be covered while praying or prophesying by quoting 1Cor 11:5, which focuses on the topic in the Holy Bible.


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