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Kenyan singer Mercy Atis exposes herself after cops searched her bar


Singer Merceline Atieno, aka Mercy Atis, who became famous after her song “I Don’t Give a Damn” went viral on social media in 2020, was found naked after police searched her brothel on September 18.
Kenyan police officials and the Kajiado County Liquor Licensing Board raided the brothel, which was formerly a restaurant, in response to a public alert.

It was reported that dozens of naked women had been seen entertaining partygoers while eating bhang, an edible cannabis preparation. Others participated in group sex acts.

Atis insulted the policemen and stripped off after being informed that she was running an illegal facility, daring them to murder her.

After the facility was closed, Mercy Atis was taken into custody. At the moment, she is being detained at the Kitengela police station.

Jonah Marapash, chairman of the liquor licensing board, issued an order for the establishment to close right away.

The orgy sights we have seen in this club portend terrible things for our kids. We appreciate the public’s help in providing important details regarding what has been happening in this club. To control nightclub and bar operations, we are on high alert. We will shut down all stripper establishments, cancel their licenses, and place the proprietors on a blacklist because we cannot tolerate open immorality in the name of commerce.

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Below are videos of Mercy Atis in her undressed state;



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