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Home News I’ll Use Wisdom to Move Nigeria Forward, says Atiku

I’ll Use Wisdom to Move Nigeria Forward, says Atiku


The presidential nominee of the Peoples Democratic Party for the 2023 elections, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has told the youth of Nigeria that his administration will be made up of young people who must have excelled in their respective fields.

He also promised to combine wisdom and youthful excellence to give Nigeria useful solutions and protection.

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Atiku made these statements while meeting with accomplished content creators, business entrepreneurs, and social media influencers from the YouthsInPoliticsNg Coalition, including Henrich Akomolafe, a PDP House candidate for Ekiti South Federal Constituency I.

He stated, “As a man who started from scratch and overcame all obstacles to learn and succeed, these young powerhouses remind me of myself and our country’s amazing perseverance to succeed.

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The younger generation of Nigerians today has access to a wide range of options thanks to ideation, innovation, creativity, and technology.

Many of whom have used these venues to spread some of the nation’s most inspiring success stories and improve our reputation abroad through spectacular arts, culture, and entertainment.

Imagine, though, if Nigeria as a whole worked to create the conditions that would let our younger generations’ skills grow.

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How far would we be able to fly? I will continue to listen to, interact with, and work with more of Nigeria’s superpower, our youth, in order to see them perform to their full potential.

As the father of our country, I am dedicated to your success because you are the pride of our future. I’m excited to combine knowledge and youth greatness to protect us all and provide real solutions.

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We will do it as a team, he assured.

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