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Home News Governor Soludo prohibits short dresses and miniskirts in Anambra schools

Governor Soludo prohibits short dresses and miniskirts in Anambra schools


The Anambra State Government has made it unlawful to wear mini-length uniforms in any state-run educational facility.

Prof. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, the state’s commissioner of education, announced this at a dialogue with the secretaries of education for public and mission schools in Awka.

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The commissioner expressed her concern with “the growing trend of wearing mini-length uniforms (skirts/gowns) in schools” in no uncertain terms.

She said that,

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“It violates the state’s appropriate dress regulation for schools,”

According to Chuma-Udeh, a student should appear professional, present a favorable image, and avoid dressing indecently for school.

The commissioner stated that the state still considers knee length to be the permissible length for school uniforms, not above the knee.

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She stated:

“You are the cornerstone; you have power over the kids’ formative years.

“Let’s instill good morals and discipline in students so they develop into thoughtful people and learn there is more to life.

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“If we don’t get it right at this point, we haven’t protected the children’s future.”

As the upcoming academic year begins on September 19, 2022, the commissioner met with the secretaries of education from each of the state’s 21 council areas to examine methods to enhance the field.

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