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Dino: “You’re All Hungry Nigerians Marching for N1,000” slams Melaye “Obidients” by Peter Obi


The one million-man march for Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate, that took place over the weekend in Abuja, was derided by Dino Melaye, the spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party, or PDP, Presidential Campaign Management Committee.

He claimed that the so-called Obi supporters were only N1000–N2000-paid hungry Nigerians who had gathered from all around Abuja and Nigerians, in general, to claim they were Obedience.

Melaye stated that Peter Obi’s participation in the recently ended governorship race in Osun State did not make his party a rival, adding that the upcoming presidential election is only between him and the other candidates.

Melaye stated on Arise TV’s The Morning Show: “Just like if you go to court, they’ll say Federal Government vs. Dino Melaye and others and in this particular case, you have Atiku Abubakar and others including the APC, Labour Party, SDP, and NNPP all of them are others in this regard.”

“And I want to warn you that gathering a crowd just serves to bring in cash. In our nation, mobilization is really inexpensive.

“People are starving. If you go to Nyanya, you’ll see that Mararaba people from Lugbe and all across the nation were being put onto buses to stand and declare their support for letting them vote.

“I believe Peter Obi visited Osun. He spoke in Osun, where we witnessed the Labour Party’s victory with 2700 votes, while the PDP was counting 450 000 votes. Thus, it is not about including the public in commercial mobilization.

If you go to Mararaba today and announce that you need 5000 people, they will assemble and gather their N1000 or N2000. Nigerians are undoubtedly hungry. Other factors than the street match will decide the votes.

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“We’re discussing legitimate votes, and Nigerians are aware that Atiku addresses the concerns. We don’t follow trendy movements.


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