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Atiku has outlined his plan to restructure Nigeria in 2023, according to Obaseki


Don Pedro Obaseki, a media consultant for the Atiku-Okowa presidential campaign council, has shared the methodology his principle would use to restructure the country if elected president in 2023.

Recall that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar reaffirmed his pledge to restructure Nigeria and devolve power for the benefit of federating units on Wednesday.

In a broadcast late on Wednesday, Atiku stated: “There is over-concentration in the Federal Government with numerous agency duplications resulting to the establishment of parallel bureaucracies.”

The devolution of powers will “help the federating units by increasing their productive ability for synergy and collaboration among themselves.”

Obaseki stated on Thursday’s Morning Show of Arise Television:

“When he clarified [how he is going to rebuild the country] , I was pleased. It was obvious after his explanation of a strong center and federating unit.

“He is employing a method that is extremely similar to the American model. Without adopting the American federal structure, we are practicing the presidential system.

“In order to keep the country together, the centre must be as strong as it needs to be. He will see to it that all federation units are permitted to take approximately half of the items on the exclusive list.

“And once that is completed, power is virtually immediately transferred to the state, the next [level] of government. There will be less cries for the breakup of this nation once it is accomplished.

And even before he decided to run for office in 2019, he was singing it. Don’t forget that Atiku Abubakar started the restructuring movement in Nigeria in 2018. The only legacy he can leave Nigeria as he ages is a stable political system.

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