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There are no jobs anywhere – NSE tells youth corpers to focus on entrepreneurship


Nigerian University graduates in the National Youth Service Corps who are prospective engineers have been advised to think of diversifying as they prepare to come into the labour market.

The advice was given during the career counselling session in the ongoing Engineering Week organised by the Nigerians Society of Engineers (NSE).

Addressing the Corpers at the body’s Secretariat in Calabar, the immediate past chairman of the Nigerian Institute of Civil Engineers, Dr. Jerome Egbe said it is very important that the prospective engineers not hope that jobs would be readily available as they complete their national service.

“It is very important that they learn to diversify into other aspects of engineering, allied fields or go into entrepreneurship.

“We would not like them to roam from Street to Street, looking for non-existent white collar jobs. This is why NSE has the core mandate of training and retraining its members and also exposing the upcoming ones to the possible challenges, remedies and new areas.

“We transfer knowledge as well as train them on how to develop engineering software and Apps because of globalisation.

“Upcoming Engineers should diversify since there are very few industries to absorb ever-increasing numbers of graduating engineers”, he said.

Also advising the Corpers, an entrepreneur, a 23-year-old undergraduate, Promise Such, who is turning plastics and other wastes into bricks for building houses, said there are endless opportunities to make money.

He challenged the Corpers to also think of diversifying, saying he himself is reading accountancy but is now making money and fame from recycling wastes.

“You must think of one area of satisfying the human needs away from your regular expertise, and launch out although you will meet challenges..”


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