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Home News Why did Obasanjo travel through Abeokuta on a tricycle?

Why did Obasanjo travel through Abeokuta on a tricycle?


On Saturday, former president Olusegun Obasanjo rode a tricycle for hire as he picked up a male passenger in the Kuto neighborhood of Abeokuta.

According to a statement made by Mr. Kehinde Akinyemi, Special Assistant to Obasanjo on Media, he (Obasanjo) rode from his Pent House house at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) through Kuto neighborhood, amidst congratulations and excitement from startled bystanders along the road.

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The ride, according to Akinyemi, was intended to show off the safety of the mode of transportation and to inspire young people to work hard and embrace self-employment.

In her words:

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“Along the way, the president stopped and selected a male passenger to show that riding in a tricycle is safe if used properly and for people to learn how to start small and grow their craft,” the president is reported to have said.

“When I recently distributed tricycles to 85 young people across the country, I had some comments that the presents were a little bit unsuitable, and some people questioned whether the tricycles were the best and most acceptable for young people.

“I started riding the trike to show people that it’s okay to use it for both personal and professional transportation.

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“With tricycles and other small businesses, young people can work for themselves and eventually achieve financial independence.

“There is nothing improper with young individuals making modest beginnings. When handled correctly and with discipline, the Keke is safe and secure.

“It is an incorrect social classification to label all Keke riders as miscreants, and this has discouraged many young people from reaping the benefits of launching a small business.

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In actuality, you can organize your company whatever you like and make money that you can use to make further investments.

“You can give the second one to someone else if you manage to obtain it. As a result, you start working for yourself and have hired someone.

“I continue to be dedicated to helping young people gain economic independence through programs that can lead to employment. This is how we can more effectively solve Nigeria’s unemployment.

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“I’ve always had a love for jobs and youth empowerment. Do you believe I can manage the farm on my own when I first started setting up farms?

“I employed some PhD-level individuals on my farms.

“Among them are veterinarians, agricultural economists, and many other intelligent people, including some of my children who have doctorates and are still working with me.

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“The last time I looked, we have over 5,000 employees, the majority of whom are young people, working directly with us in our numerous facilities.

Obasanjo was quoted as saying after the ride, “I have always had enthusiasm for youths because there is no substitute for employment.”

Lamidi, a male passenger, is reported to have expressed happiness over the experience by remarking, “This will remain remembered throughout my life.”

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