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Ram vendors in Lagos complain about low sales


At ram markets in the state’s Agege and Alagbado regions, some of the vendors told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that business had been slow.

Despite the fact that Sallah would be observed in less than three days, Mr. Aliu Dodo, a ram vendor in Agege, claimed that not many of his animals were being purchased.

Business is really slow and few individuals are making purchases. Last year at this time, I had already sold a lot of my rams.

“However, this year is different. I am aware that things are challenging. Many people would like to purchase animals but are unable to.

And we can’t sell if people don’t buy. But we’re hopeful that we’ll get some decent business before Salah,” he added.

Dodo claimed that it was frustrating to transport several animals all the way from Katsina and not be able to sell a quarter in less than three days to Sallah.

He urged the government to take greater action to address the economy’s problems in order to increase demand and, consequently, business.

According to Dodo, the most affordable ram on his booth cost N250,000, while the most costly cost N70,000.

Another vendor, Mr. Mubarak Daudu, who operates in the state’s Alagbado region and sells animals, likewise lamented the lack of interest in his stock.

When informed the costs of the various sizes of rams at his stall, Daudu claimed that the majority of his clients would leave without making a purchase.

“In comparison to prior years, we have poor sales this year.

We are not really selling many of our rams, despite the security issues in the north and the expensive transportation of rams from there to Lagos, he told NAN.

Daudu requested that the government help ram vendors by lowering the cost of rams during Sallah so that many people could purchase them.

The ram vendor urged the government to address the north’s security issues and rising transportation costs, both of which he claimed were raising the cost of animals.

He claimed that due to the high expenditures of transporting the animals from the north, the ram he sold for N85,000 could not be purchased for N150,000 this year.

Due to the poor level of business he was now experiencing, Mr. Waliu Mustapha, another vendor at Meiran in the state’s Ojokoro region, said he might not bring many animals to Lagos the following year.

“Everything is just boring. Next year, I might not bring as many rams. How can one explain that I brought 123 rams, but have only sold 30 of them? Simply put, things are down, he remarked.

For the Muslim faithful in the Mushin community, Mr. Rasaq Ajala, Executive Chairman of Odi-Olowo Ojuwoye Local Council Development Area (LCDA), has provided subsidised rams.

Ajala stated that the action was taken to assist individuals who lacked the means to purchase rams while speaking to a crowd of locals at the council secretariat on Thursday.

He asserted that those with means should have no business purchasing the subsidized rams at the council secretariat because they are exclusively available to those with modest incomes.

He claims that people who do not live in Mushin cannot take advantage of the gesture.

“The people own the government. I thus implore those who have already purchased the rams to refrain from doing so in order to make room for those who have yet to do so.

You can buy the ram if you have a valid voter’s card with the Odi-Olowo-Ojuwoye LCDA address, according to Ajala.

He gave the crowd his word that the initiative would run continuously and would grow to include the sale of more rams.


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