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PDP Criticizes Sanwo-Olu for Anticipated BRT Fare Increase in Lagos


The proposed rise in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) fares along various routes in Lagos State has been criticized by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who are calling for the plan to be scrapped.

In a statement released on Saturday in Lagos, the party’s Lagos State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Hakeem Amode, chastised Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for authorizing the raise, claiming it will worsen the situation of the common people.

Amode said that it was unjustifiable for the APC-led government to attribute the increase on the pump price of diesel, which rose from N187 to N830, and the lack of spare parts.

He claimed that the government exhibited complete indifference to the suffering of the state’s population in light of the catastrophic economic conditions that Lagos residents endure on a daily basis.

“The Sanwo-Olu-led APC administration has totally disregarded its duty to the state’s citizens and turned a blind eye to their plight.

“The few ‘luxuries’ provided by the state to the populace are being taken away.

The people of the state have already through enough hardships at the hands of this callous government, he continued, so there is no need for any kind of raise at the moment.

According to Amode, the proposed increase should be “shelved so as not to worsen the inhabitants’ condition in light of crumbling infrastructure, instability, hunger, and a spike in crime,” among other problems that the state’s citizens are now dealing with.

For all Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Standard Routes, Gov. Sanwo-Olu had on Thursday approved a flat rate rise of N100 in bus fares, effective as of July 13.

A bus travel from Ikorodu-TBS will now cost N600 instead of N500, and Berger to Ajah will now cost N700 instead of N600.

Also, the fee from Oshodi to Abule Egba would increase from N350 to N450, and the fare from Abule Egba to CMS-Obalende will be N600.

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