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Matawalle of the Zamfara PDP warns that allowing people to carry weapons can lead to anarchy


The Peoples Democratic Party in Zamfara State disagrees with the governor’s order for residents to arm themselves and defend themselves.

Faruku Ahmed, the state PDP secretary, said in a statement that allowing individuals to carry weapons could spark disorder and political retaliation against the other parties.

In his words, “We fault Zamfara State and the Federal Government for shifting such constitutional obligation to ordinary folks. We are peace-loving and law-abiding citizens.”

The opposition to the purchase of firearms has been made apparent by security organizations, NGOs, and legal professionals both inside and outside the state.

Ahmed, the protection of the citizens’ lives and property falls solely under the purview of the national and state governments.

He said that the party had recommended the state government to hire community protection guards akin to JTF rather than encouraging locals to carry weapons.

He added that the recommendation was a better choice than deciding to “reference to tools to hurt political oppositions in the state.” “We thought they will be adequately equipped, remunerated,” he said.

The PDP accused the APC of being responsible for the gun ownership problem by providing the governor with a platform to target the state’s opposition parties.



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