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Judge Who Dissolved Marriage, Snatched Complainant’s Wife Is Sacked by Lagos Govt


The Lagos State Government claims to have dismissed Mr. Ishola Razaki Adeyemi, a judge of a customary court, for allegedly dissolving a marriage and stealing the wife of a complaint, Mr. Olayemi Ayeni.

In a widely shared video, Ayeni was seen explaining how Adeyemi, who is said to have developed feelings for his wife, ended their relationship and barred him from seeing his kids.

Ayeni claims that after protesting the change, Adeyemi had him taken into custody by the police and then taken to Kirikiri Prison in Lagos State.

He claimed that when he spent N5 million in his wife’s business, she began treating him disrespectfully, which is when problems began to arise in his household.

According to the complainant, the wife packed out of the house and rented an apartment close to him.

He claimed that after asking for a divorce, which the magistrate granted, she became pregnant and became his wife.

“I had a problem with my wife; she left the house and went into an apartment adjacent to mine. I invested five million naira in her company, Greatest Kiddies Foundation, in order to open a school. So the business’s success created an issue in the household, and I once more lost control over her.

So, after ten months, I decided to sue her in court, despite my best efforts to address the issue outside of court. My marriage was quickly dissolved by the judge, Dr. Ishola Azakiq Adeyeni, and three months later, she became pregnant.

“The woman she is currently carrying for that man is nine months pregnant. I was deeply hurt by the judge’s decision to deny me visitation rights with my kids. that I only get to see the kids at the school once a week. He now has custody of the same kids, he took over the company I founded for the woman, he denied me access to my kids, he later got her pregnant, and he still wants to put me in jail.

“I prefer to let my kids go play at Sambisa Forest instead of having the man watch over them,” the mother said. I claim I want my children back because I don’t want them to grow up in a chaotic environment.
The Lagos State Social Development can assume custody of the kids if I don’t want to. I have a good financial situation and can care for my kids. In order to get my kids back, I can enroll them in a boarding school. In a video, the man exclaimed, “Fellow Nigerians, please help me!” which sparked outrage on social media.

However, responding in a statement released on Monday, Titilola Vivour Adeniyi, Executive Secretary, Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, said the case was being looked into by the Lagos State Judicial Service Commission.

Despite the incident taking place between 2014 and 2015, according to Adeniyi, Ayeni’s friends shared the footage in 2016.

The State Government’s attention has been drawn to a viral video that has been going around on social media, in which a man named Mr. Olayemi Ayeni (the Complainant) claimed that a former member of the Customary Court, Mr. Ishola Razaki Adeyemi, abused his position by acting improperly in a case involving the Complainant and his wife and then went on to kidnap his wife and children.

“The matter which occurred during 2014/2015 was probed by the Lagos State Judicial Service Commission. The investigation’s conclusions ultimately resulted in the Member of the Customary Court’s appointment being terminated.

“It was found that “Ogbongefriends” posted the popular video at some point in 2016. The Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency has attempted to contact Ogbongefriends on their various social media accounts, but regrettably their accounts have not been active since 2018. The public is now alerted of this. All attempts to contact the complainant have been unsuccessful.

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to ask anyone with pertinent information on the complainant to get in touch with us via our social media accounts, @dsvrt on Twitter and @dsva on Instagram, or by calling 0813-796-0048.

Why the video started to go viral again is unknown.



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