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How a 52-year-old Bauchi woman died defending her son from bandits


The 52-year-old mother Maryam Mohammed is hailed as a hero by those who knew her and many more whose lives have been touched by her story. Maryam Mohammed was shot dead by bandits while defending her kid.

The hamlet of Sabon Gari, which is located in the Pali area of the Alkaleri Local Government Area of Bauchi State, is honoring the woman’s bravery.

It was discovered that the mom mustered the strength to stand up to the robbers who were attempting to take her son. They succeeded in killing her but failed to capture the boy. But he was hurt, and medical attention was given to him there.

The governor of Bauchi State, Senator Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir, expressed sympathy for the villagers while praising Maryam as a heroine.

His administration would immortalize her so that her deed will serve as an example to others, particularly women, he added, saying that her death was not in vain.

Halima, Maryam’s daughter, described the incident, saying that the bandits assaulted their town that day in the evening and fired randomly; everyone was frightened to confront them because they were well-armed.

They arrived at our home and tried to drag my older brother, Yaya, but my mother opened her door, walked out, grabbed him, and wouldn’t let go. She recalled, “She gave them a good fight.

She continued by saying that her mother struck one of them with a kitchen pestle, breaking his hand.

“My mom was courageous. There were 11 people who came into our home. My mother refused to let them take my brother away after they failed in their attempt to shoot him. Sadly, they killed her with a gun and ran away.

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Maryam’s son, who identified himself to reporters as Babawuro Danazumi Mohammed, claimed that although the bandits attempted to shoot him, he resisted the shots.

Yusuf Garba, the chairman of Alkaleri Local Government Area, described what happened by saying, “From the story we obtained, the kidnappers tried to smash the door to the boy’s chamber when they came. He walked out and got into a fight with one of the people when he saw that they were trying to push their way into his room. His mother walked out when she heard them squabbling, rushed to their kitchen, grabbed a pestle, and beat one of them, but they wouldn’t let her kid go.

“They attempted to shoot the youngster, but their weapons had no effect on him. It was a bloody struggle. Sadly, one of the thieves shot the mother, and she passed away.

“We are grieving for her. We shall keep thinking about her bravery and pleading with Allah Ta’ala to honor her sacrifice, pardon her, and have mercy on her. We all returned to Allah from whence we had originally come.

According to Garba, the bandits entered the state through nearby communities in Taraba and Plateau states, where they also attacked and killed four persons while injuring three others.

According to him, the bandits kidnapped roughly five persons, but many of them were freed without being demanded to pay a ransom.

The bandits “left their camps and moved to the bush in the neighboring state because of the stiff security measures we have taken,” he claimed, adding that security operatives and local vigilantes had searched all the nooks and crannies of the nearby bush but had only seen their footprints and where they stayed to eat.

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“We have also detained seven alleged informants, including a guy who was withdrawing cash from an ATM on their behalf. We turned them over to security personnel so they could investigate further and take any required action,” he continued.

He added that the governor’s visit and efforts to eradicate insecurity in the state were praised by traditional leaders and the entire population of Alkaleri.

Garba reaffirmed the residents’ and community leaders’ commitment to rooting out criminals, and he added that his administration was dedicated to protecting people’s lives and property. He promised that the mother who gave her life to save her kid would not go unremembered.

Further, Governor Bala Mohammed denounced recent bandit activity in the state and vowed that his administration would not sit by while criminals took over Bauchi. In order to stop them from functioning in any area of the state, he asked every citizen to work with security organizations and the government.

Additionally, he urged the localities in the state to fight off bandits, adding, “It is not acceptable to flee when they arrive; we should oppose them. However, we have to cooperate with the police.

The preservation of lives and property remained his first priority, and he urged traditional leaders to work with law enforcement by reporting any questionable activity. He pledged to keep helping the state’s law enforcement organizations.

When asked about Maryam Mohammed’s passing on Sunday, some Sabon Gari residents told Daily Trust that both Nigeria and Bauchi State had lost a very special mother who had affected so many people’s lives.

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She was a great, loving, and caring lady. She was always willing to assist others when she could. To her, her children were everything. She had a passionate love for them. She showed her kid how much she loved him by laying down her life for him. May the All-Powerful pardon her.



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