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Before the company could recover the money, the man who was paid 330 times his monthly salary disappeared with it


An employee of a Chilean industrial company fled after receiving an incorrect payment from the employer of 330 times his wage.

For just one month of work, the employee of Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos received a salary of almost £150,000.

He was only entitled to get roughly £450 in compensation for the month of June.

Instead of giving the corporation the extra cash after receiving it, he grabbed it and fled. Since then, no one has seen or heard from him.

He did really inform his manager, who then forwarded the overpayment to HR, according to the local news source Diario Financiero.

He initially agreed to do as they asked when they urged him to return the money.

He informed them that the following day, he will visit the bank to begin the chargeback.

But when he arrived at the bank, he took the cash and left.

Over the following three days, his employers made several attempts to contact him, but all they received in response was a note from a lawyer proposing his resignation.

Law enforcement has received a complaint accusing the individual of misappropriating money, but no arrests have been made because it is impossible to locate the man.

In Chile, the average monthly take-home salary is about £750.


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