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After criticism from Poju Oyemade, Peter Obi implores his supporters, “Let’s Tolerate Other Views


Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party (LP), has asked his supporters to embrace different points of view.

He posted the request on his verified Twitter account on Sunday.

Poju Oyemade, lead pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, received harsh criticism for his social media post a few days earlier from Obi supporters.

Young people had been warned not to put their energies into “poorly conceived ventures” by Oyemade.

Despite the clergyman’s caution, which prevented him from naming any individuals, his advice was seen as an attack on the Obi youth movement.

Through a series of tweets, the former governor of Anambra conveyed his comprehension of the public’s annoyance but urged his supporters to address their complaints “gracefully.”

Obi also counseled them to use their energy constructively and to be receptive to potential future partnerships.

In the message, it is said, “I sincerely appreciate my supporters for believing in me and my commitment to constructing a united, secure, and functional Nigeria.

“However, I reiterate my appeal that we should be accepting of opposing viewpoints, dissent, and varied beliefs in order to potentially learn from them.

“While the nation’s irritation and rage are natural, we must work to use that energy constructively in ways that will win the cooperation and support of others.

“Although our message continues to be widely accepted, there are certain people we still need to persuade. In order to avoid prematurely closing doors to future collaborations on sustainable nation-building, we should express ourselves with grace.


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