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A Lagos security guard gets imprisoned for having his boss’ 15-year-old daughter pregnant


A 20-year-old security guard has been taken into custody after being accused of sexually abusing and fertilizing his boss’s teenage daughter.

Samuel Maikasuw was taken away by a police officer from the Ikorodu division of the Lagos State Police Command.

The accused kept the gates at the home of one Fadiji, who acted as the victim’s 15-year-old “surrogate parent,” according to the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Peoples Network (ACVP), a civil society organization with knowledge of the case.

Apparently, Maikasuw received a warning after being found in a sexually improper scenario with the child the year before.

ACVPN stated:

Samuel Maikasuw, a 20-year-old, is the offender who defiled and impregnated a 15-year-old girl. He is a native of the FCT’s Abaji.

He worked as a security guard for Ms. Fadiji. He was strongly cautioned last year not to approach the little girl ever again after being discovered with the minor, and he expressed regret.

“He was eventually moved to the landlord’s wife’s shop, where he was later turned into a sales boy. After the act, police officers and vigilantes in the Ikorodu neighborhood detained him. The suspect is being held at Igbogbo’s Ikorodu division.

According to SaharaReporters, the arrest was confirmed by Benjamin Hundeyin, spokesman for the Lagos State Police. He stated that the offense was “defilement of a minor,” which is illegal and subject to punishment.

He stated:

“It is verified. It’s not as straightforward as stating he caused a pregnancy. It is considered defilement under the law. He violated a child. The matter is currently being looked into.

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