Home News You refuted Ortom to Atiku’s popular PDP member views, according to Wike

You refuted Ortom to Atiku’s popular PDP member views, according to Wike


Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom requested that Abubakar Atiku, the PDP’s presidential candidate, contact the governor of River State.

Ortom noted that he expected Atiku would have contacted Wike given the fact that he placed second in the PDP presidential primary. Ortom expressed concern that Atiku denied Wike the popular opinions of the PDP members.

I’m waiting for him (Atiku),” he declared, “since there are still more things I need him to perform. I had anticipated him reaching out to Wike, who finished in second, but he rejected the consensus among PDP members. Wike should be the vice president, according to 14 of the 17 members, but in his wisdom, he chose Governor Okowa.

“Governor Okowa is a great man, my friend, and we get along just fine. I expect more explanation, I expect him to speak with Wike first, and I even expect him to reach out to some of us so that together we can work as a party if we are in a democratic era and 14 out of 17 people thought that it should be Wike, but he (Atiku) in his wisdom handed it to Okowa,” he continued.

On Wednesday, the governor of Benue State observed that Wike has the skills and charisma necessary to lead Nigeria.

Some of us think Wike has the potential, but Nigerians—or, let’s say, PDP members—did not give him the chance, he added.

Some of us cheered him on. I was a member of the 17-person committee that the candidate and the party formed, and some of us felt that Wike should hold the vice presidential position so that he could bridge the divide.

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“We (the committee) stated it didn’t matter if he backed the presidential candidate or not; all we were looking for was unity and a way to make things work.

Regrettably, it was said that the governor is PDP supporter Ifeanyi Okowa. And that is the presidential candidate’s insight.

“I am so perplexed that some of us have gone back to praying. After Atiku won the party’s presidential nomination, Wike, in my opinion, would have been the vice-presidential candidate. He was the second person behind Wike and Atiku, according to him.

Ortom continued, “We all have our areas of vulnerability. Wike is a tool for mobilization, impact, value addition, reaching out, and ensuring that the party functions even though it has the potential to be “something something”.

Wike is a party supporter who makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

So, even though it was someone else, it doesn’t matter since the party is in charge and some of us still believe in him.

However, for a few of us, I’ve turned to prayer, so if you haven’t seen me in Turkey, it’s because I’m in prayer, he remarked.

When asked if he would support Atiku’s presidential campaign, Ortom merely responded that he has turned to prayer.

As a Christian, I tell you that I think that power belongs to God, he continued.

“A man can get nothing unless it is given to him from above,” says John 3:27. All that matters is if God says it is Atiku or someone else.

“I’m meditating. I’ve hibernated and am currently fasting and praying. So, in the end, why shouldn’t I support Atiku if God tells me to? He is, after all, my go-to party guy. The bottom thing, though, is that I have entered a state of prayer and hibernation, and I can guarantee you that I will follow God’s instructions no matter what, he continued.


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