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Why Has Olamide Not Moved To Close Down O2 Arena After All His Successes?


Olamide is unquestionably a living legend. He had accomplished more than and beyond anyone in the African rap scene, living or dead.
Why Olamide chose not to release songs internationally has become a source of concern for the Bardo’s fans.

Olamide had been in the industry longer than most other artists, including Davido, Burna Boy, and a plethora of others.

Since 2011, he has continued to release the same music; staying at the top of the charts is difficult in the music business.

Through YBNL, Badoo not only supported himself but also shared a wealth of incredible skills with the globe. Olamide continues to be one of the select few in Africa who has developed a sizable number of talent. What else might constitute a legend?

His record company is still one of the top three in Nigeria today. Few people of his caliber can claim a comparable accomplishment.

Statistics Regarding Olamide’s Global Fans
Our data will solely be based in the UK because O2 is the most well-known brand globally. Over 21,000 Nigerians who are students and over 5,000 who are not, according to web research, reside in the UK. There are a sizable number of African residents of the area who also reside in the UK.

Olaide will easily sell out the O2 arena, with the exception of a few UK residents who enjoy Nigerian music.

advantages of foreign travel
Even if the money weren’t involved, consider the exposure and fame this could provide Asake, Fireboy, and YBNL as a whole. Did I just say to put the money aside? What else is there if not for money?

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This would undoubtedly increase the amount of money on the table and be more than enough to support YBNL for many years.

Advice for Olamide
Hello, Olamide

The King of the streets is no longer you. In Africa, you are a king. We would adore seeing you travel abroad and exercise influence. o Baba e Kere Niun (You are more prominent). At @Naijaloaded, we all wish OLIC would perform at 02 Arena.

Why didn’t Olamide take action to close the O2 Arena?


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