Home News Vote based on performance, not out of anger, Fashola urges Nigerians

Vote based on performance, not out of anger, Fashola urges Nigerians


The minister of works and housing, Babatunde Fashola, has urged Nigerians to cast their ballots in the elections of 2023 based on performance.

He gave a speech on Tuesday at the annual “BRF GABFESTsixth “‘s edition, which was held in Lagos and with the topic “What Am I Voting For?”

The minister brought up a recent statement that said that many Nigerians will vote in 2023 out of “rage.”

According to Fashola, selecting capable leaders who would take on the nation’s difficulties shouldn’t be primarily based on feelings.

We may ask how to persuade candidates to speak on these subjects. Examining what their manifestos state and what their political parties advocate is one way. The alternative is to go to rallies that they organize, but I warn you that this is sometimes a one-way conversation because we aren’t allowed to ask questions there,” he stated.

“Debates and town hall meetings offer possibly the best opportunity to hold them accountable, and we, as the political employers of these public officials, may arrange these events in accordance with our social and economic divisions.

“In doing so, we must exercise tact because not all debates and town hall gatherings can be attended by the candidates. We must occasionally accept their authorized spokesperson, but this must be the exception rather than the rule.

“After all, they’re the ones vying for our support, while we’re the ones wanting to hire them.

“I implore you to cast your ballot by hosting town halls and debates where you may evaluate the candidates’ knowledge by asking them questions.

“I implore you to vote by considering what the candidates have accomplished in the past; doing so is akin to asking for references in an interview or speaking with a former employer. This is the process for hiring a worker. not out of rage.”


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