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Osun Police Starts Looking for Tortured Woman, Arrests Officers


The Osun State Police Public Relations Officer, Yemisi Opalola, reported on Tuesday that a question regarding the alleged mistreatment of a woman, Blessing Mba, had been sent to the Divisional Police Officer of the Adeeke Division, Iwo.

Opalola added that the state’s police chief, Wale Olokode, had directed that the division’s police officers who had been charged with assaulting the woman be detained at the state criminal investigation department in Osogbo.

The victim, however, allegedly left after being invited by the police, according to a statement made by a police spokesperson on Tuesday.

“The woman involved was invited,” the statement said, in part. When she was called to appear before the police, she asked to go inside her home to get dressed. The cops forced their way inside to check her out after waiting for nearly an hour and not seeing her leave the residence; however, she was nowhere to be found.

“She instantly turned off her phone after it was assumed that she had fled from the backyard. Her number hasn’t been connecting calls since yesterday until now, so I grabbed her number and contacted her multiple times.

“We were in the office with the CP until 11 p.m. on Monday night in an effort to find any means to find the woman. Nevertheless, the CP has mandated that the concerned police officers be held in the State CID, and the DPO, CSP Adekunle Ige, has been instructed to appear in person at the CP’s office this morning. The DPO has received a formal inquiry.

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She declared that all attempts would be made to capture the woman.

Mba went to the station to look for her 15-year-old son, Friday, who had been taken into custody by the police, according to a PUNCH story, and she was allegedly tortured while there.

The victim was charged with organizing a scheme to leave a sacrifice at the station.



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