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May Edochie responds to the woman who suggested raising money for her and her kids


May Edochie, who is married to Nollywood actor Yul, replied to a woman who wanted to help her and her kids by giving them money after hearing about Yul’s second marriage.

When Yul Edochie told everyone on social media that he was getting married to a coworker named Judy Austin, his first wife, May, was not happy about it.

Since the marriage mess, May Edochie has become well-known, and many people worry about her all the time.

May Edochie posted a video of herself dancing at the recent AY live show in Warri, Delta State, on her Instagram page.

In response to the post, a fan wrote in the comments that many people want to help May Edochie but don’t know where to send money.

The woman said she had also asked Tonto Dikeh to put May Edochie’s Instagram account number on her page, but she hasn’t heard back yet.

She wrote, “Queen May, a lot of people wanted to help you financially, but they didn’t know how to send you money. I even asked Tonto if she could put an account number on her page so people could send donations because people love and trust her and we know she will give you the money, but King Tonto never replied.

“May, if you could put an account number here, you’d be amazed at how many people want to help you. Please think about it, we love you May.”

In response, May Edochie thanked the woman, but she didn’t accept or decline the offer.

She typed:

“Many, many thanks”


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