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Marriage Is Not A Do Or Die Affair – Man Cries Out (Viewer’s Discretion Advised)


A young Nigerian has advised anyone going through domestic violence to Run for their life.

He narrates how a woman was killed through domestic violence.

He said:

Run away from domestic violence.

It’s so sad that she’s not even up to 30, and she has been sent out of this world in such a manner.

Wether husband or wife, run away from domestic violence.

Witnessed a patients death today in A&E( Accident and Emergency). A young Lady that died from hypovolemic shock due to traumatic brain injury as a result of assault (domestic violence). She had 4 cuts on her head with cutlass that caused tearing and bruising of brain tissue and blood vessels( especially middle meningeal artery) You could see the brain tissue, that means she had a skull fracture.

Please leave for your life in you’re in an abusive relationship/marriage. No Dey form Jagaban abeg, say u sabi fight back (because they said she was with hammer). Save your life first.

See the post below:


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