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In order to find the woman who defended a passenger on an airplane, a man is offering N100,000


Nigerian rights campaigner Christopher Ogbonna complimented a young lady for standing up for a passenger who had been treated unfairly by an airline.

In a video he posted, a woman stepped up in defense of a man who had criticized the airline for delaying their trip.

She stated that after the passenger complained, police were sent to take him off the plane, but the young woman defended him and said that if he were made to leave, then every passenger would follow suit.

The activist, who was moved by her bravery, promised to offer $200 or N100,000 to anyone who could put him in touch with her.

I’ll pay $200 or N100,000 to the first person who connects me to this woman, he stated. She really does impress me. Pax should form strong bonds and stand up for one another against malicious bullying in this way.

When poorly qualified pilots and cabin crew operate aircraft while those who should warn and retrain them do nothing, it results in ABUSE OF POWER.

With, as usual, INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE, I have identified the Nigerian airline where this incident took place! However, I humbly request @FAAN Official @PoliceNG as a law-abiding interested citizen.

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