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How a friend stole a 60-year-old man’s ATM card and withdrew $700,000 before he died (Photo)


Isak Wahab, 60, reportedly passed away from shock after having N700,000 fraudulently taken out of his bank account. His family is currently grieving.

His wife Monsurat blamed the withdrawal, which she claimed led to the sexagenarian’s passing, on his companion, who would only go by the name of Ola.

Monsurat said Ola had taken her husband’s ATM card during a visit to their home in the Ikotun neighborhood of Lagos State.

Ola was a dear friend to our family, especially my husband, she said. He came to my husband to let him know that he needed to sell his generator in order to raise the money necessary to pay his rent because he was having trouble making ends meet. Isak was seeking payment from our tenants, and my husband warned him not to do that and offered to help. After that, my husband paid him N10,000.

Meanwhile, we were unaware that Ola had stolen my husband’s ATM card, and he took N700,000 out of it. He made three separate withdrawals: N200,000, N300,000, and another N200,000.

Ajibola, the deceased’s son, claimed that Ola stole his father’s ATM card after he (Isak) got drunk as they shared a drink.

He added that the suspect vanished after he was charged with being the cause of the death and that the case had been reported to the Ikotun Police Station for investigation.

“My dad wasn’t feeling well last Thursday, but I thought it was just regular malaria or a little illness,” he added. Later on, though, I was informed that it was serious and that I needed to phone my siblings. Later, we discovered from our mother that Mr. Ola had robbed our father.

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“My father passed away on Friday, and on Saturday we buried him. We visited his friend’s home after his funeral, confronted him there, and took his phone as we argued. We haven’t seen him since that time.

“I have his phone with me as I speak to you, and we have reported the incident to the Ikotun Police Station. Our father handed him N10,000 after promising to assist him because he needed money and had problems.



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