Home Entertainment Blessing Okoro Displays Her New Backside After Liposuction Surgery

Blessing Okoro Displays Her New Backside After Liposuction Surgery


Blessing Okoro, a self-described relationship specialist, has posted pictures of her newly enlarged bottom on social media.

Recall that Blessing revealed a few days ago that she had a liposuction procedure done in order to get the figure of her dreams.

Internet users reacted to her news in a variety of ways, with some believing that she was simply pursuing clout as usual and skipped the procedure.

The contentious media figure, however, insisted that she had the operation.

You guys didn’t think I had liposuction, she wrote, because people typically hide.
They feed you falsehoods and fake because none of you can stand reality, despite saying you like real people.
That absurd story is being changed by Blessingceo. Liposuction is secure… Many of you are too uneducated, so bear with me while I take you along on my adventure.

The mother of two also sent regular updates to her admirers on the status of her rehabilitation, including images and videos.

She released a video of the incisions made in her back after the surgery and disclosed that she was experiencing severe agony on Sunday, June 26. Watch this

Blessing recently uploaded a video on her Instagram page showing off her newly acquired backside.

Blessing is seen in the video buying for wine at a store while flaunting her larger and rounder butt.

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