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APC Senator Who Lost Re-Election Bid: 17 Delegates Refunded Money I Gave Them


Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe, the legislator for Kwara Central district, claims he received a reimbursement for the money he supplied All Progressives Congress (APC) delegates during the party’s primary elections.

This was said by him on Wednesday’s episode of Sunrise Daily on Channels Television.

He said the money paid to the delegation was for logistics.

Oloriegbe is one of many senators from the same party who did not receive their party’s nomination to run for re-election to the National Assembly’s red chamber.

The congressman criticized the way the primaries were run and charged the governors with forcing delegates on party members.

There was no congress, he claimed, and the governor of his state just hand-picked the delegates one evening after declaring that primary elections had been held.

Thus, you are not even aware of the delegates’ identities. and this occurred in a number of states.

“Even in situations when people are chosen, they need to be allowed the freedom to exercise their right to vote for whoever they choose, but that wasn’t the case.

The governors chose the people they would train, and some of them swore an oath to cast their votes as instructed by the governors. And in Kwara State, this is what took place.

“In my own election (primary), 17 delegates returned to pay me money, which I gave them for logistical purposes; others did not because they said they were unable to cast votes for me. One of my coworkers in Kogi claimed that folks returned to get their money back.

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Bukola Saraki, a former Senate president, was defeated by Oloriegbe in 2019.


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